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The deputy principal’s office is one of the indispensable offices.  The officer in charge is charged with overseeing issues like curriculum implementation.  Students’ discipline, creating cohesion between the immediate arms of the school students’ body, teachers, support staff and teachers among other duties.

I was promoted to the position of deputy principal at a time when the school was trying to accommodate the change in administration that occurred in January.  The state of discipline could not be said to be good.  Several challenges had to be addressed.  It is with delight that public opinion about the school is now positive.

Credit for the improved discipline in school goes to all members of the staff, students and above all the principal for his visionary leadership.

The success of a school largely depend on how disciplined the students and teachers are.  An obedient student is in compliance with school rules and codes of conduct.

Going against school policies, education norms, school traditions is considered indiscipline.

The following are some of the indiscipline cases that are experienced here in school.

1.  Leaving the school premises during school hours without permission.

2.  Rudeness – disobedience and defiance towards or against school authority.

3.  Vandalism – defacing school property.

4.  Theft – stealing either from other students of from the school.

5.  Cheating in exams – copying from secret notes or from other students.

6.  Truancy – absent from school without permission.

7.  Gangster like behavior – threatening and intimidation of either teachers or students.

8.  Display of affection between a boy and a girl.

9. Indecent or abusive or offence language.

10. Bullying/fighting/instigating others to fight.

11. Not being attentive in class and not doing homework.

12.  Not being in prescribed school uniform.

Parents must play their parental role in instilling discipline in their sons and daughters though parental guidance.

When called upon to avail yourself in school due to your child’s misconduct pleasure give the disciplinary committee a listening ear.

My dream for this institution is to bring on board a mature, disciplined and self driven student who can fit in society and live a responsible life.

This success can be possible through the guidelines provided by the following.

In conclusion I am very grateful for the support I receive from the principal, the teaching staff, non-teaching staff, the prefects and the entire students’ body in keeping the high levels of discipline that we have at NYANTURAGO HIGH SCHOOL.

Members of the disciplinary committee

1.  Shem Abere                       - Deputy Principal/Chairman

2.  Mrs. Josephine Moenga     - senior teacher/Secretary

3.  Mrs. PhyillisSagwe            - H.O.D Dean of Studies

4.  Mr. Andrew Mayaka         - H.O.D. Boarding

5.  Mr. Robert Amima             - H.O.D. Guidance and Counselling

6.  Mr. NaftalGekonge            - H.O.D. Sciences

Shem Abere


Deputy Principal

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